haneWIN LLDP Agent
Version 1.4

Copyright 2005-2016, Herbert Hanewinkel, Neuried

Updated: Dec 2015

Users Guide


The haneWIN LLDP software implements a LLDP Agent based on the IEEE 802.1AB standard for the Link Layer Discovery Protocol. A native LLDP Agent service is implemented for Windows XP/VISTA/20xx/7/8/10. A Control Panel Applet provides interactive access to the service.

The LLDP MIB is implemented as SNMP MIB subagent for the Windows SNMP agent.

Optionally the software can read and send CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol) version 1 and 2 packets. Infomation received from CDP packets is stored in the LLDP MIB to present a consistent data base to SNMP management software.

The software is implemented as 32 and 64 Bit versions. Version is selected by the installer depending on the OS.

The haneWIN LLDP Agent Software is Shareware.
You may test the software for 30 days without any obligation. Any use of the software after the evaluation time requires a software license. Registration details you will find in order.txt.


The Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) and Cisco discovery protocol are protocols for discovering the physical topology in 802 LANs. LLDP uses multicast packets to announce stations on LAN. CDP uses multicast packets in SNAP format. Adjacent stations are discovered and stored by the LLDP agent for retrieval by a SNMP based network management system.



Computer with Windows XP or higher.

Installation of the LLDP Agent on Windows XP or higher

  1. Install the software by running the installer with administrator rights. The setup software installs the LLDP protocol driver, the LLDP Agent and LLDP MIB SNMP subagent. If a LLDP.INI configuration file is provided with the installer the configuration is copied in the installtion directory.
  2. With the control panel applet haneWIN LLDP Agent you can configure and monitor the service.

    Only Administrators are allowed to start the applet. On systems with UAC active you must start the applet by "Run as Administrator"

Controlling the LLDP Agent Service on Windows XP and higher

The service is configured for automatic start on Windows startup. The service can be started and stopped manually through the services control panel.

  1. You could install and start the LLDP Agent service manually executing the command:
    LLDP -install
  2. To uninstall the LLDP service manually execute the command:
    LLDP -remove
    The command stops a running LLDP Agent service and removes the LLDP Agent service from the services list.


The Info Box at startup of the control panel applet is displayed only for unregistered version.

The main window of the LLDP control panel displays the adjacent station and port IDs, the name of the adjacent station and if available the IP address of the adjacent station. observed by the server.
Clicking on the column header the list is sorted based on the column entries.
Using the right mouse button, you can remove an entry manually from the list.

For stations transmitting 802.1 and 802.3 extensions VlanId and Operational Mode of the interface is evaluated.
Due to restrictions set by Windows the LLDP agent can not resolve the physical mau type (twisted pair, fiber, ...) of an interface, only link speed and full/half duplex operation is available. Because LLDP 802.3 extensions combine these information in a single field, the physical mau type is internally fixed to twisted pair.

Users Guide


Sends a start or stop request for the LLDP service to the service control manager.
terminates the Control Panel Applet. It does not stop the LLDP agent running as background service
The LLDP transmit interval defines how often LLDP multicasts are transmitted on the LAN segment. The default is configured to every 30 seconds.

The LLDP hold multiplier defines how long transmitted LLDP packets are valid in the database of adjacent stations receiving the packet. It is defined in the form of a multiplier to the LLDP transmit interval.
CDP packet analysis is optional. It is enabled by default. The LLDP agent can send CDP packets. By default CDP packets are send only on those interfaces were a CDP packet was received before.
Defines prefrences for the control panel display.
The user interface can be customized to other languages. Currently the software is delivered with an English and German user interface.

Auto. Refresh
The list is automatically updated.
starts a HTML browser displaying the manual.
prompts for the license key and your name, company. Check the Info menu to find out if the license information was accepted.
Show License
displays the conditions for using this software.
displays program version information.

To save or process list of adjacent stations use the accompanying lldpcmd.exe tool. It displays entries either in tab separated fields or identified by tags using option -t.


The latest version is available on www.hanewin.net. Please mail comments, questions, problems to .